Gotham Basil Chip

Gotham Basil Chip

basil ice cream with chipped chocolate

"I *may* have eaten the entire pint of Gotham Basil last night. And I *may* not be the least bit sorry about it!" — Emily W.

"Both flavors are phenomenal, but this one is so awesomely different & delicious!!" — Sara S.

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Black & White Pint

Black & White Pint

one half chocolate shortbread ice cream one half vanilla fondant ice cream with chunks of black and white cookies

"We're digging this month's milkmade black and white cookie flavor. " — The Greatist team

"This black and white is amazing!!! Any way to get more?" — William R.

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Flavors of the Month: April 2014

Mint Chip gets a makeover!

Mint chip ice cream needs a makeover. It's been around since 1973 after all. And c'mon - most of what you get out there has a fake mint color and a fake mint taste. No bueno. So we'd like to introduce you to your new favorite flavor - a mint chip remix to replace all mint chips - Gotham Basil Chip. With chipped chocolate from Mast Brothers and Gotham Greens basil that's grown on the rooftops of Brooklyn, it doesn't get any fresher than this.

SO New York

Is there anything more New York than New York? And is there a cookie more New York than the Black and White cookie? A spongey shortbread cookie, dressed in perfect halves -- chocolate fudge and vanilla fondant. Inspired by this iconic NYC treat, we crafted the Black and White Pint. Half chocolate shortbread, half vanilla fondant, with chunks of Black and Whites from 1902-established family-run bakery, Glaser's, in Yorkville (that's the Upper East!). What side will you eat first?

Past Flavors: 2014

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Gotham Basil Chip / Black & White Pint

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Coney Island Crunch / The Orchard

Chai Latte / Crummy Plum

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