Debt by Chocolate

Debt by Chocolate

dense white chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips

"The white chocolate/chocolate chip is great." — Robin M.

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Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts

apricot ice cream with chunks of homemade pop tarts

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Flavors of the Month: August 2011

Debt by Chocolate

This flavor just keeps getting more and more pertinent! You can't get away from the debt ceiling debate these days, even here in our kitchen. So we created our take on the traditional Death by Chocolate - but it's Debt By Chocolate. (Get it?) It's a dense white chocolate ice cream base, studded with chunks of Mast Brothers Chocolate. 

Pop Tart Ice Cream

Our friends at Red Jacket Orchards insisted apricots would be at their prime this week - perfect for our monthly flavor. We just retrieved some from the Union Square Greenmarket and, indeed, they are. With that, we're crafting a fresh apricot ice cream base and throwing in chunks of the delicious homemade pop tarts from Pies N Thighs.

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