Scratch Root Beer Float

Scratch Root Beer Float

scratch-root beer ice cream and a scoop of vanilla

"for the record, this root beer float is fantastic." — Andrew L.

"Yowza is this root beer float @MilkMadeScream amazing. Hand-delivered today! " — @thederek

Big Stick

Big Stick

cherry ice cream with a pineapple swirl

"i tried both flavors last night and love them!!! so delicious :) well done (again)!" — Michelle L.


Flavors of the Month: August 2012

Float THIS in your Root Beer

Root beer floats are a summer staple. While we harbor dreams of creating our own root beer someday, today we’ll settle for our own root beer ice cream. It’s two parts root beer ‘scream made from scratch (yes - sassafras, sarsaparilla, the works), one part vanilla. Eat it straight from the pint as a modern RBF, or drop it in a glass of root beer if you’re feeling meta (we always feel meta).

Big Surf, Big Stick

Growing up on the west coast, a beach day was not complete without a trip to the supermarket for a 4-pack of Big Stick popsicles — usually all but consumed in the parking lot. We’ve recreated that saccharine cherry-pineapple treat with a grown-up twist. We matched local cherry ice cream with a swirl of pineapple. Just like a Big Stick. But better.

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