Millions of Peaches

Millions of Peaches

fresh peach ice cream with chunks of oat cobbler

"I am loving the peach cobbler flavor" — Adrienne F.

"This month's delivery is an embarrassment of riches!" — Lee F.

Going Bananas

Going Bananas

plantain ice cream with chocolate chips

"Just got mine the other day and I think they are my favorite two thus far." — Alex H.

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Flavors of the Month: August 2013

"Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches"

.. in a pint of ice cream… with chunks of house-made oat cobbler. This is our peach cobbler pint. Made with juicy fresh peaches from New Jersey and an oat cobbler crust. If we had our little way, we’d eat peach cobbler ICE CREAM every day. How about you?

"Who knows, Could be the tropic heat, Or something that I eat, That makes me gonzo."

Madonna anyone? Going Bananas is a classic! We know what it is that makes us go bananas (other than this ridiculous heat!). It’s the food at Rockaway Taco. That’s where we spend every weekend over the summer - surfing the mornings at 92nd and walking to 96th for some tacos and plantains. Inspired by the deliciousness, we’re making a plantain chips ‘scream that we’ve been told is bananas — roasted plantains with chocolate chips. Ese bato loco!

Past Flavors: 2014

Aebelskiver / Verte Chaud

Brie Mine / Cordially Yours

Maple Glazed Donut / Dark and Stormy

Gotham Basil Chip / Black & White Pint

Bee Sting / Cara Cara Creamsicle

Coney Island Crunch / The Orchard

Chai Latte / Crummy Plum

Blackstrap Magic / Witches' Brew

Buttered Coffee / November Rain

Krampus Kreme / Sugar Cookie


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