rice ice cream with a cherry swirl and slices of almond

"Esther is in love with it and wants to know if she could get more of it." — Tammy L.

Chinatown Chocolate

Chinatown Chocolate

fair trade dark chocolate ice cream with a five-spice powder

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Flavors of the Month: December 2009


Every Christmas Eve, my family partakes in a Danish tradition of Ris a la mande, a vanilla rice pudding with chopped almonds. In the dish, there is one full almond, and the person who finds it in his serving wins a prize. Well, we’re making that in ice cream form, full almond and all. Whoever finds the full almond in his or her pint wins a prize!

Chinatown Chocolate

We’re spicing up our creamy dark chocolate ice cream made with Mast Brothers Chocolate with a special blend of traditional Chinese spices.

Past Flavors: 2010

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