The Best Worst Holiday Gift

The Best Worst Holiday Gift

fruitcake ice cream

"Amazing! Our team is just eating your treats now and we’re obsessed – never thought fruitcake could taste so good. " — Rina R.

"Thanks @milkmade. I had to explain to my trainer why I ate fruitcake ice cream for breakfast. He made me drop and give him 20. #delish" — Stephanie R.

The Last Pint

The Last Pint

xocolatl ice cream

"The chocolate ice cream is amazing." — Steve G.

"This pint of "The Last Pint" from @milkmade certainly didn't "last"... #delivery #icecream" — Andrew L.

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Flavors of the Month: December 2012

The Best Fruitcake You'll Ever Have

Word on the street is that there is really only one fruitcake in the entire world. It just gets passed from family to family each year (hat tip, Johnny Carson). Well, this year, it’s our year. We’ve got the fruitcake (and now you do, too). And, as is our style, we reconstructed it in ice cream form.It’s equal parts pecans, raisins, currants, candied ginger, and glacéed fruit, soaked in a maple-brandy ‘scream. We guarantee it’s the best version of the worst possible holiday gift that you’ve ever had.

That's great, it starts with an earthquake...

The end of 2012 is one for the ages. Speculation over what exactly will happen come 12/21/12 (the official end of the Mayan calendar) conjures such images as supervolcanos, geomagnetic reversals, and the mysterious appearance of a certain Planet X (on a collision path with Earth, natch). We took this opportunity to pay homage to the apocalypse-predicting Mayans with The Last Pint, a xocolatl ice cream, made with Mast Brothers chocolate and chilli peppers. See you in 2013 (or not?)..

Past Flavors: 2014

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Maple Glazed Donut / Dark and Stormy

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