Chestnuts Roasting

Chestnuts Roasting

roasted chestnut ice cream

"Thanks! Both flavors are crazy good this month. Chestnut may not survive the week :)" — Olin M.

"The chestnut ice cream is/was exquisite." — Erika D.

O, Christmas Tree

O, Christmas Tree

pine needle ice cream with candied cranberries

"Just ate @milkmade pine needle & candied cranberry ice cream and life will never be the same. Celebrating christmas in my mouth!" — @thederek

"Pine tree ice cream by @milkmade - no words." — @goodglobalcitiz

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Flavors of the Month: December 2013

Jack Frost nipping on your nose

Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire. Or in a commercial scale oven. And then pureed and turned into ice cream. That's what we're up to this holiday season! We're typically good at resisting that oh-so-tempting smell at every corner around this time of year. But this month we've fallen victim to the Nuts4Nuts dudes and found ourselves elbow deep in chestnuts, crafting our first Chestnut ice cream flavor. If you've ever had a bite into a marron glacé, tasted that sugary creamy rush of chestnut,  then you'll love this flavor.

Thy leaves are so unchanging

Excuse the name, we know it's not PC, but we're so excited that we've turned a Christmas Tree into ice cream. Using the green needles of a young pine tree, candied cranberries, and a LOT of holiday cheer, here you go: the holidays in a pint. It's sweet and, well, pine-y, with a tang from fresh cranberries. We hope that every bite makes you want to "deck them halls and all that stuff." (Charlie Brown anyone?)

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