That's Amore'tto

That's Amore'tto

amaretto ice cream with bits of almond biscotti

"The Amaretto ice cream was great." — Konstantinos P.

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Black Hearts Party

Black Hearts Party

darkest chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate heart-shaped chunks

"By the way, the flavors have been phenomenal lately... That dark chocolate was the best ice cream I can ever remember having in my life and I don't think we've ever had a pint last more than 2 days in our household. Thank you so much for starting this company & service!! You've made ice cream freaks all over NYC incredibly happy!!" — Sara S.

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Flavors of the Month: February 2011

That's Amore'tto

When you dance down the street, with a cloud at your feet, that’s amore! In the name of love, we’ve created an amaretto ice cream and thrown in our new loves, almond biscotti from friends at Danny Macaroons. They’re new in town and their wares (biscotti and the best macaroons you’ve ever had) can be found at your local coffee shop.

Black Hearts Party

Using Brooklyn based Mast Brothers Chocolate’s 90% Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate (yes, you heard us, 90% cacao), we’ve created the darkest dark chocolate ice cream you’ll ever know. And that’s not all.. we’re having a local chocolatier, Cibelli Chocolates, create some heart-shaped chips just for these pints. It’s the perfect gift for your Black Hearts Party this V-Day. Or for someone who just loves chocolate.

Past Flavors: 2011

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That's Amore'tto / Black Hearts Party

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