tiramisu ice cream with chunks of tiramisu

"Excuse my language but the tiramisu ice cream from @milkmade is F*IN AMAZING" — @ultrateg

"@milkmade the tiramisu is just incredible, I don't think it'll last more than a week !" — @toudou

Sourcing Partners:

  • Cafe Dante, West Village, NY


chocolate peanut butter

"This flavor is out of this world delicious!" — Michelle L.

"These are ridiculously good. So amazing. Thank you! " — Bailey M.

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Flavors of the Month: February 2013

Make me happy

This one is personal. Every fall, my parents pay New York (and me) their yearly visit. None is complete without a drop in to Cafe Dante, a little Italian cafe in the West Village, that, they claim, has the very best tiramisu. They stumbled upon it three years ago, though they've been splitting dessert for more than 38. Flavor #79, a tiramisu flavored ice cream with chunks of tiramisu from that same little Italian cafe, is in their honor. <00, Diana

A perfect match

Chocolate and peanut butter. The perfect pair. It's like Lucy and Ricky, Bonnie and Clyde, gin and tonic, beer and cheese. It's our favorite flavor combination, and our favorite MilkMade flavor, but we just never knew what to call it. Until we came upon Yuanfen in a list of words about love that have no real English translation. Yuanfen - a relationship by fate or destiny. A "binding force" that links two persons together in any relationship. It's the perfect match for our perfect chocolate peanut butter pint made with perfect Mast Brothers chocolate and Saratoga peanut butter.

Past Flavors: 2015

Namaste / Citrus Paradisi

Brooklyn Ambrosia / Black Hearts Party, Pt Deux

Winter's Emollient / Five Dollar Toast

THE Cookie Dough Pint / THE Macaroon Pint

Tim Tam Slam / Open Sesame

June Gloom / Midsummer Night's 'Scream

Torched S'more / SBPB

Sarsaparilla Sour / Cactus Cooler

Lime in the Coconut / Tomato Tomato

Harvest Moon / Rosemary's Baby

Cobbler Hill / Leftovers

Partridge in a Pear Tree / Gløgg


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