Brie Mine

Brie Mine

brie ice cream with a cabernet caramel swirl

"It was amazing!! Deliciously rich and complex with all the best things about 'scream, wine, and Brie together. Thanks!" — Angela K.

"@milkmade latest flavors are superb. Bean loves the cherry! The Brie is bizarre though wildly delicious and addictive. Way to go! " — Kirk L.

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Cordially Yours

Cordially Yours

amarena cherry ice cream with chipped dark chocolate and a white chocolate ganache

"This is like crack. I said "one more spoonful" about 10 times last night." — Daniel F.

"I live for delivery day! The cherry cordial is soooo good! Can't wait to try the Brie Mine later! <00" — Adrienne R.

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Flavors of the Month: February 2014

Brie Mine?

Wine and cheese are having a sweet love affair this month (every month if you ask us). So we asked Brooklyn Winery to "Be Mine" and added their cabernet to our caramel, swirling it through our double-cream Brie ice cream. (You read it - Brie ice cream.) This is a pint perfect for pairing with the last drops of your bottle on date night.

We're Cordially Yours

You know you're loved when you're given a box of cherry cordials on Valentine's Day. But how about a pint of cherry cordial ice cream? True romance. We've recreated the classic cordial in ice cream form, with an Amarena cherry ice cream base with chipped Valrhona white chocolate and Mast Brothers dark chocolate. The cherries are naturally sour, the dark chocolate a bit bitter, and the white chocolate is super sweet, making this one intense and complex pint, just like love itself.

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