The Marzipan Pig

The Marzipan Pig

marzipan ice cream with chocolate truffle

"incredible flavor! thank youu" — @rr_ny

"you *really* hit it out of the park with the marzipan - I mean, like wow. It is literally like eating a frozen version of my favorite desert treat - and the chocolate you chose for the mix is absolutely perfect. Just amazing." — Thomas K.

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half cider, half lager

"I don't want to do a spoiler alert but they are awesome! Love the snakebite!" — @toudou

"Snakebite's texture is very unique - is that intentional? loved it - keep them coming. " — @richcity

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  • Migliorelli Farms, Hudson Valley, NY
  • Sixpoint, Red Hook, NY

Flavors of the Month: January 2013


We have big goals for 2013, so we're looking for all the luck we can get. This year, we're partaking in just about every New Year's Eve tradition we know - lasagna for dinner, 12 grapes at midnight (see Flavor #54), dish throwing, jumping 12 waves (hope piles of snow count), welcoming a tall, dark, handsome gentlemen as the first guest to our home (if only!), collared greens, black eyes peas -- the works, you guys! And lest we forget the Marzipan Pig, the candy pig that bestows luck and prosperity upon its recipient in the year to come. We'll, you're welcome, because now we're passing that good fortune on to you with our first flavor of the year, The Marzipan Pig. Lucky you!

He drinks a lager drink. He drinks a cider drink...

It's the year of the snake. That means love, prosperity, and peace (or so we hope). For us, that also means the resurgence of the Snakebite Shandy. A pint half full of cider, half of lager, the Snakebite is banned in certain bars in the UK since it goes down so easily. From what we've heard from members, our version may well be outlawed itself.

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