powdered sugar ice cream with lingonberry swirl and chunks of aebelskivers

"I received my first monthly delivery last week and I just wanted to let you know that the Ebelskiver flavor is absolutely amazing (and I have heard of them before!). I have no idea how you got the actual ice cream to taste like mini pancakes!" — Jaclyn K.

"Just wanted to say that I'm excited to be digging into my first-ever pints of MilkMade ice cream (yay!), and to mention that the powdered-sugar base in the Aebelskiver flavor tastes almost exactly like the dreamy combination of choux and pastry cream to me" — Rachel R.

Verte Chaud

Verte Chaud

hot chocolate 'scream with a splash of chartreuse

"I loved the complexity of the Verte Chaud, it's probably the winner." — Kate S.

"'scream arrived. WOW, the verte chaud a winner! the chocolate tastes as ruch as its velvet texture!" — Sabrena T.

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Flavors of the Month: January 2014

A Danish tradition

You've probably never heard of aebelskivers. (If you have, tell us, we've love to know!) They're delicious little pancake balls, a tradition in Denmark, typically served over the holidays. I make them every year on New Year's morning with my mom and grandmother, and serve them topped with powdered sugar and dipped in lingonberry jam. It's such a wonderful tradition, we had to recreate it in ice cream form. Now you can start off the year, Danish-style, with our powdered sugar ice cream with chunks of aebelskivers and swirl of lingonberry jam. Best served with a glass of bubbly. Skol!

The year of the horse

Here's to 2014! If you were lucky enough to know us this time last year for our Snakebite 'scream, then you know that we follow our fair share of horoscopes.(What, they make great ice cream flavors!). This year it's the year of the Horse. Not only that, it's the year of the green horse according to the Chinese calendar. So we decided to spruce up our 'scream with a splash of green-tinted Chartreuse liqueur. This is our version of the traditional winter warmer, a Verte Chaud - thick pudding-like hot chocolate with a splash of Chartreuse. Except ours is served cold. It's best paired paired with a rockin day on the slopes.

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