Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival

strawberry ice cream with white and dark chocolate truffles

"Two knock-outs with this month's flavors btw. Wow!" — Thomas K.

"This month's flavors are amazing! " — Kurt C.

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Orange County Fair

Orange County Fair

fresh orange ice cream with a hint of vanilla

"It is so good.." — Ron L.

"Got my first @milkmade pints yesterday--ice cream HEAVEN! Thank you!" — Amanda D.

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Flavors of the Month: July 2013

Strawberry Festival

Alright, we have to tell you. We feel kinda badly about this flavor. No no, it's not that it's not super bright and creamy and delicious - as is our signature Strawberry 'scream. And it's not that we didn't put our hearts into it - we de-stemmed pints upon pints of strawberries. But the thing is, the strawberries we got from Norwich farms are just SO fresh and naturally awesome, we feel badly for denaturing their perfect form and turning them into ice cream. But I guess we couldn't send you just a pint of berries. So we'll have to settle. For bright and creamy and delicious strawberry ice cream, with a festival of house-made white and dark chocolate truffles. We're sorry.

"Give me an orange, Julius" 

The Orange County Fair - a staple summer excursion growing up in Southern California. Since 1890, OC has been putting on its yearly show, and since 1983, I've paid it a visit just about every year. Though the name "Orange" County is hardly fitting anymore, we're going old school and crafting up a signature orange ice cream to celebrate the summer. It's fresh orange ice cream with a hint of Madecasse vanilla. If you're like us, this one will bring you back to the youthful days of sipping on an Orange Julius in the warm California sun.

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