Tom Collins

Tom Collins

lemon and gin Tom Collins ice cream with a raspberry garnish

"tom collins ice cream is incredible! " — Vincent I.

"your ice cream is amazing!" — Aislyn N.

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Grady's Manhattan

Grady's Manhattan

cold brew coffee infused manhattan cocktail ice cream

"I think the grady's is the best ice cream i've ever tasted." — Amy B.

"OMG the Grady's Manhattan is great!!!" — Lee F.

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Flavors of the Month: June 2012

Tom Collins 

The Tom Collins is our very favorite summertime drink. It's simple, smooth, refreshing, and, best of all, is accompanied by a fascinating history.  See back in 1874 there was a little hoax going around New York, and it went a little something like this - "Have you seen Tom Collins? He is talking about you in a very rough manner - calling you hard names.." As people went racing through the streets to find him, bartenders caught on and began serving a Tom Collins drink - gin, simple syrup, soda water, lemon. 

Grady's Manhattan

All right. We have to tell you. We've found THE best cold-brew coffee in town (in any town). It's called Grady's Cold Brew. (You're welcome). And so we did what we do best. Make THE best iced coffee ice cream in town (yes, still, any town). Of course we didn't stop there. Inspired by the cold-brew infused manhattan cocktail we had at a local Brooklyn bar (okay, maybe we had three), we added in some local whiskey from King's County, a touch of Vermouth, and even some bitters to make it a Grady's Manhattan. Try one (or three)!

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