Please, sir, I want s'more

Please, sir, I want s'more

smoky chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and a graham crumble

"It is awesome." — Matt L.

"The S'Mores was so intense that I found myself eating faster and faster until I had to put it away and physically remove myself from the room..." — Ron L.

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Trail Mix

Trail Mix

malted vanilla ice cream with trail mix fixings and a butterscotch swirl

"This stuff is amazing. Our pint is longggggg gone!!" — Angela K.

"Thanks for the great ice cream, this months flavors were really good. I was surprised at how much I liked the Trail Mix especially since I don't like it when its not wrapped in your ice cream." — Stergios K.

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Flavors of the Month: June 2013


"Please, sir, I want s'more." This literary phrase was stuck in our heads all throughout the development of this flavor. (C'mon.. Dickens? Good.) So when it came time to put a name to a flavor, we went for it. Straight up. Please, sir, I want some more. This is our second S'More reconstruction, our last was flavor #38, June of 2011. This time it's a smoky rich chocolate ice cream that we make using Mast Brother's Papua New Guinea single origin chocolate, 'mallows from the Baked bros, and a house-made graham crumble. We hope this creation has you asking for more (and if it does, we promise to be nicer than the master and Mr. Bumble!).


"'...and for energy food this big bag of peanuts and raisins and another bag with dried apricot and dried prunes oughta fix us for the rest.' And he showed me the very tiny bag in which all this important food for three grown men for twenty-four hours or more climbing at high altitudes was stored." That, friends, is the origin of Trail Mix. Hat tip to Kerouac for the recipe of our latest and greatest - Trail Mix. It's a malted vanilla bean ice cream with trail mix fixings and a butterscotch swirl. The perfect pint for your summer camping trip in the Catskills. Or in your living room... same same.

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