Maple Pancake

Maple Pancake

sweet grade a dark maple ice cream with bits of homemade spiced-walnut pancakes

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Pear Ginger

Pear Ginger

creamy ginger ice cream with fresh Bosc pears

"OMG. The pear ginger icecream is INCREDIBLE!. Wow.... Ok, I'm impressed." — David B.

"The pear ginger ice cream you delivered is pure delicious evil. The custard base should render pear sorbet moot forever more." — Charlotte D.

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Flavors of the Month: March 2010

Maple Pancake

 About this time of year all I can think about is snowboarding. With every good boarding trip comes is the obligatory stop at a diner, where I get a full stack of pancakes with plenty of real maple syrup. Here we have the second in our Ice Cream for Breakfast line, The Full Stack. It’s maple ice cream, with chunks of homemade spiced-walnut pancakes.

Pear Ginger

We pair fresh Bosc pears with a creamy smooth ginger custard base to create a fruity ice cream with some zing. A mellow flavor to carry you through the rest of winter. I found one stand at the Greenmarket that is still selling pears - Locust Grove Farms.

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