Follow the Rainbow

Follow the Rainbow

brown sugar ice cream with rainbow cookies

"This month's flavors are fantastic! " — Jesse N.

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German Chocolate Cake

German Chocolate Cake

chocolate coconut ice cream with toasted pecans, layered with a rum-spiked toasted-coconut caramel sauce

"German Chocolate Cake is downright decadent." — Kirk L.

"I just tried the German Chocolate Cake flavored ice cream from @MilkMadescream. I'm about to slip into a coma of awesome." — Ian N.

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Flavors of the Month: March 2012

Follow the Rainbow

Follow the rainbow and you'll find a pot of gold - or at least a delicious pint of ice cream. Inspired by the suggestion of a previous MilkMade Member, this is a rainbow cookie 'scream. It's our brown sugar ice cream with chunks of the best rainbow cookies in town we picked up at Vinieros, the Italian bakery in the East Village.

German Chocolate Cake

Our reconstructed German Chocolate Cake is downright decadent. And by decadent we mean: Dark chocolate from Mast Brothers, toasted buttery pecans, and rum-spiked coconut caramel sauce. Does it get any better than this? (Don't answer that).

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