Winter's Emollient

Winter's Emollient

straight up butterscotch ice cream

"Your Butterscotch is legit. One of your best ever. French Toast no slouch either. Great work." — Kirk L.

Five Dollar Toast

Five Dollar Toast

cinnamon toast ice cream with bits of cinnamon toast

"Life blessed me with another iteration of cinnamon toast ice cream! " — Adrienne R.

"Have really enjoyed your ice cream, especially the one with the cinnamon toast." — Alexandra B.

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Flavors of the Month: March 2015

The Best Emollient for the Winter Season

Butterscotch was once advertised as "the best emollient for the chest in the winter season" - and since it's been a brutal winter here in NYC, you're welcome. Though butterscotch is simply butter and sugar, it's got a complex flavor that you may not recognize since we are most accustomed to an artificial and overly saccharine sauce. So we left ours as is - au naturale. Featuring butterscotch from the sauce queens of BK, Spoonable Brooklyn.

We Left our Hearts in San Francisco

Truly, we fell in love last month. With a piece of toast. He's not just any piece of toast, though. This one is different from the rest. He's from a litttle coffee shop in Ocean Beach, he's fresh, slathered right out of the toaster with butter, and topped with cinnamon sugar. Oh and it’s $5 per piece, but totally worth it. You'll see what we mean when you meet him!

Past Flavors: 2016

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Sugar Fever / Hamantaschen

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