Sugar Fever

Sugar Fever

maple ice cream with maple chunks and a maple swirl

"By the way, your ice cream is always delicious, but the flavors this month are out of this world. Amazing. Just wanted to let you know." — Meade C.



lemon poppy seed ice cream with hamantaschen cookies

Flavors of the Month: March 2016

It's Sugarin Season

True story. Ken, who lives across the street from our Brooklyn shop, walks in for a coffee one morning (as he does every morning). We get to talking and he asks if we make a maple flavor. Indeed, we do! Every year! For March, since, ya know, it’s sugaring season. He pulls out his phone, starts showing us photos of his (very legit) maple operation in Vermont, and offers to partner with us for our next maple flavor. Of course, this is that. So good! This is why we do what we do, you guys.

It’s feast mode, feast mode

Grab your masks and spoons and meet us for a Purim celebration in a pint. We’ve reconstructed the traditional hamantaschen pastry in MilkMade style, with a lemon zested twist. Lemon-poppy seed ‘scream with fresh “Haman’s pockets.”

Past Flavors: 2016

Overnight Oats / Snowball Cookies

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Sugar Fever / Hamantaschen

Hokey Pokey / New York Style Cheesecake


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