Buttered Coffee

Buttered Coffee

brown butter and coffee ice cream

November Rain

November Rain

rose ice cream with a milk chocolate swirl

"just tasted some of the chocolate rose. Delicious! Thank you!" — Tiffany B.

"this month's rose flavored ice cream was out of this world! thank you for all of the creative ice cream flavors you come up with each month!" — Karyn H.

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Flavors of the Month: November 2014

Buttered Coffee

It's the latest rage. All the cool kids are doing it. So we're doing it too. Putting butter in our coffee. But, as with all things MilkMade, we strive to do it better. So we BROWNED our butter, put it on our coffee, and turned it into ice cream. Made with Ronnybrook butter and Stumptown coffee, this 'scream is nutty and toasty and complex. Kinda like us!

'Cause nothing lasts forever...

Rose ice cream. Milk chocolate swirl. 'Nuff said. Grab a spoon, grab a couch, skip your record player to track 10 on Use Your Illusion I and sink into the epicness of this pint. Go!

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