Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

concord grape ice cream with peanut butter moon balls

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Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby

cinnamon-spiced, rosemary-infused salted caramel apple ice cream

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Flavors of the Month: October 2015

And we're still in love with you...

There's a full moon risin' and we've got the pint to perfectly pair. It's harvest time and it's our favorite time. Apple picking, maize mazes, pumpkin everythingggg, and, of course, the concords in beautiful bunches popping up at the Greenmarket. It's our yearly rendition of PB&J, this time with peanut butter moon balls.

To 1966! The year one!

Our annual Halloween pint is here! A flavor born from an unlikely pair - rosemary and cinnamon, with salted caramel. It's smooth and creamy, salty and sweet, with herbal notes, spiced for fall. Do not, we repeat, do not invite your neighbors over to share this one.

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