Mango Sticky

Mango Sticky

coconut riso ice cream with scoops of fresh mango ice cream

"The mango is great. Makes me want to order Thai for dinner." — Kurt C.

Moroccan Mint

Moroccan Mint

sweet green tea ice cream infused with mint

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Flavors of the Month: September 2013

Mango Sticky

We discovered Mango Sticky Rice years ago at the Thai Temple Sunday brunch in Berkeley, CA. From that day forward we had a Mango Sticky obsession, searching for it at every Thai restaurant in the city. It's hard to find! And if you know a thing or two about Mango Sticky, it's hard to find a perfect one - the right rice consistency, a sweet coconut milky flavor, a perfectly ripe mango. Well, we hope this is it, just in ice cream form. It's a coconut riso ice cream with scoops of buttery, perfectly ripe, yellow mango ice cream.  

The art of 'scream

Just as tea is ceremonial, considered an art in many cultures, in MilkMade culture, ice cream is art. A ceremony in every pint. Right? Well we've taken a tip from Atai, the traditional Moroccan tea ceremony, to create this work of art - a green tea ice cream sweetened with our house-made mint-infused simple syrup. Enjoy it with friends, repeat.

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