Lime in the Coconut

Lime in the Coconut

coconut ice cream with a swirl of lime-guava caramel

"lime in the coconut is aaamazing!!" — Stephanie G.

"And this month’s flavors are absolutely amazing!" — Jane D.

Tomato Tomato

Tomato Tomato

fresh cherry tomato ice cream with bits of candied ginger

"We received our delivery last night, and we haven't had a chance to try the coconut, but the tomato is AH_MAY_ZING." — Laura P.

"PS- I can't believe Tomato Tomato! haha" — Stephanie G.

Flavors of the Month: September 2015

Put de Lime in de Coconut

She put de lime in de coconut and drank 'em both up. Put de lime in de coconut and you'll feel better.
We had to. Fresh coconut ice cream with a llime and guava caramel. Have a pint and call us in de morning. 

Let's call the whole thing off

Tomato, Tomato. Let's call the whole thing off? Now, now. Wait a minute. Hear us out. We were walking through the Union Square Greenmarket, foraging around, when we caught sight of the brightest red cherry tomatoes we ever did see. Popped one right into my mouth: Taste. Explosion. We had to turn it into ice cream. So here we are with flavor #138, Tomato, Tomato. With a hint of fresh ginger and bits of candied ginger..

Past Flavors: 2016

Overnight Oats / Snowball Cookies

First Date / French Kiss

Sugar Fever / Hamantaschen

Hokey Pokey / New York Style Cheesecake


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