Brooklyn Ambrosia

Brooklyn Ambrosia

charlotte russe reinvented: chantilly ice cream with chocolate chips and raspberry-rye jame soaked ladyfingers

"Got our monthly 'screams last night. Thanks!! Really tasty as usually especially the lady finger one..." — Michael C.

"ust wanted to let you know that this month's flavors of Brooklyn Ambrosia and Black Hearts Party are fantastic, and the best I've had since I started my membership with Milkmade. " — Eddie G.

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Black Hearts Party, Pt Deux

Black Hearts Party, Pt Deux

darkest chocolate ice cream laced with black licorice

"Yessss @milkmade delivery tonight! Serious restraint required to not eat the entire pint of #blackheartparty whilst standing in my kitchen." — Kate S.

"Reeeeeally good flavor. I may or may not have finished the entire pint in 2 sittings..." — Adrienne R.

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Flavors of the Month: February 2015

A 'scream for the gods

Little known fact - Charlotte Russe is not just our old favorite clothing store (second to Delia's of course). It's a dessert that was one of New York's most popular in the early 1900s - so beloved that New Yorkers came to call it "Brooklyn Ambrosia" (food of the gods). Once sold on just about every NY street corder, its popularity has since declined. But we want New York to fall in love with it all over again, so we're bringing it back, in ice cream form. Behold, the Brooklyn Ambrosia - a chantilly lace ice cream, chocolate chips, and jam soaked ladyfingers.

Best Party of the Year

We're back with the best party of the year - the Black Hearts Party. Solo or not, you're going to want to join us for this one - because part deux is darker than ever. It's a dark chocolate ice cream with the darkest of the dark from Mast Brothers. And because we're extra bitter this season, so are our pints - we laced them with black licorice. Hope to see you at our second annual Black Hearts Party.

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