First Date

First Date

vanilla-date ice cream with a salted-caramel swirl

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French Kiss

French Kiss

chocolat à l'orange. chocolate ice cream with orange notes

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Flavors of the Month: February 2016

Romance and Sex Life of the Date

It’s the month of romance and we all know there’s nothing more romantic than a really great date. We mean the fruit, of course. Truly, it’s among the most exotic fruits brought to the US from the riches and adventures in the Middle East. Oases of date palm gardens stretching for miles were set up in California’s valleys, that, even today, tell the fruit’s biblical origins, and celebrate the its romance. And, offer very delicious date shakes, the inspiration for this month’s flavor. 

A Soul Kiss

A galocher, a lusty, passionate greeting, a mingling of two lovers’ souls. This pint is just that. Dark and seductive, it’s the intermingling of sweet milk chocolate and zesty tart orange. Grab a second spoon and find someone you like with whom to share. If you do it right, like ancient cultures thought about the “french kiss”, your two souls may just merge. 

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