THE Cookie Dough Pint

THE Cookie Dough Pint

cookie dough ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate chip cookie dough chunks

"Ok so this cookie dough stuff you made is probably the best ice cream I've ever had. My Wife wanted me to tell you she thinks it's better than sex. I hope that that is a commentary on your ice cream and not a reflection of my own abilities. " — Douglas K.

"It's fabulous. Ridiculously so." — Laura H,

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THE Macaroon Pint

THE Macaroon Pint

coconut macaroon ice cream with macaroon chunks

"the coconut macaroon is up there in the top 10 pints I think. soooooo good! " — Chris B.

"the macaroon is amazeballs." — Ron L.

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Flavors of the Month: April 2015

Totally One-Upping the Cookie Dough Pint

This is the Cookie Dough pint. THE Cookie Dough Pint. It's not just a pint with pieces of cookie dough in it, which are inevitably mined for, leaving nothing but boring old vanilla ice cream behind. Nope. This is THE Cookie Dough Pint. The whole thing tastes like cookie dough. Plus it has chocolate chips. PLUS it has chunks of the best chocolate chip cookie dough. You. Are. Welcome.

Make roomfor THE Macaroon

Make room for THE Macaroon. Like our Cookie Dough flavor, this is a pint designed to not only TASTE just like a delicious, moist, sweet, coconut macaroon, but also has chunks of New York's best macs mixed throughout. Perfect for your Seder dinner.

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