Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ice Cream

How fresh is the ice cream?

We ship out the ice cream the day after we make it - just enough time for it to harden and set. You receive your pints within one or two days of their preparation. They're the freshest pints you'll know.

Where is the ice cream made?

Every MilkMade pint is hand-crafted and hand-packed by Diana and the Milkmaids in a commercially certified kitchen in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We keep it real and develop our flavors in our tiny East Village kitchenette. Drop by sometime for a taste test!  

What if I am allergic to nuts?

Our ice cream is produced in a facility where nuts are handled, so each pint may contain nuts or traces of nuts. Some months may include a flavor with nuts, but we never offer two nutty flavors in the one month.

Why local and sustainable?

We believe in sourcing ingredients from producers in our local foodshed who farm or craft their products in a sustainable manner - they’re healthy, they do not harm the environment or animals, they provide fair wages to their workers, and they support the local economy. Plus, local ingredients are fresher and just taste better! You can really taste the difference.


How does membership work?

The MilkMade Membership is a an ice cream of the month membership. We make two unique flavors each month and hand-deliver pints to your home or office. When you sign up online, you become a monthly member and be charged $30 immediately, and monthly thereafter.  All deliveries are made during the first full week of each month except during holidays, and your first delivery will be within a month of enrollment.


On the Monday before delivery week, we email announce ours Flavors of the Month and confirm your delivery time (you select this upon signup). If you need to change your delivery time or are out of town for the week, you may do so or defer the month via a form provided in the email. Then, the Milkmaids head out to forage for our local ingredients, hand-craft and hand-pack every pint, and hand-deliver them right to your door.


Memberships auto-renew each month until you opt out (not that you'd want to). Gift memberships are for One-Season (3-months for $90), Two-Seasons (6-months for $180), and One-Year ($350), and do not automatically renew.

When will I receive my first delivery?

It's like this - if you sign up before the 15th of the month, your first delivery will be the following month. If you sign up after the 15th, your first delivery will be the month after the following month. (ie You sign up on August 10th, your membership will begin in September. You sign up on August 20th, your membership will begin in October.) The advanced notice is necessary for us because we place exact orders with our ingredient partners to avoid excess waste.

Do I get to choose my flavors each month?

All members receive both of our two Flavors of the Month - one pint of each. You do not get a choice of your flavors. Flavors of the Month are announced via email to our members on the Monday before each delivery week.

What if I don't like the flavors?

This is a membership for ice cream enthusiasts who appreciate the craft of ice cream. We cannot cater to specific likes or dislikes. Of course, if you have a food allergy, you are welcome to contact us and defer that particular month.

What if I am allergic to the flavors?

If you are allergic to an ingredient in one of our flavors, then we allow you to defer your membership to the next month. Please note that we produce the ice cream in a facility where nuts are handled, so the pints may contain nuts or traces of nuts.

Can I purchase pints à la carte?

Only if you're a member and really love the flavor and want more of it. We do not distribute our pints outside of our membership model at this time.

Can I gift a membership to someone?

Yes. When you sign up to become a member, there is an option for gift-giving. Once the order is processed, your recipient will automatically receive a welcome email with your gift note included, and he will then sign on to create his own account. If you'd like to gift now but not let recipient know about it until a day in the future, include your own email address in the field for recipient email. You can then send him the welcome email at your own discretion.

When will my recipient be notified of the gift?

Your recipient will immediately receive a welcome email when your order is processed. The welcome email includes your gift note and further information on how to set up his MilkMade account. If you'd like to delay that notification - ie gift now but not let recipient know about it until a day in the future - include your own email address in the field for recipient email. You can then send him the welcome email at your own discretion.

Why is your 'scream so darn expensive?

It is too bad that doing things right these days also means doing things the expensive way. 


Let's start with the flavor creations - we spend days, many trips to the Greenmarket, and countless bowls of ice cream perfecting our seasonal and unique flavors. They're flavors you will not find anywhere else.


Then, on to the ingredients - we use the best dairy around from happy cows who are grass-fed and well treated. Our mix-ins are sourced form local producers who also take pride in their craft. We're using the best natural, sustainable, hand-crafted ingredients around.


And production - we're still a small business here, and produce our ice cream in tiny batches. We make it from scratch, and self-pasteurize each batch, rather than using a pre-made mix like most other ice creamers. Then, we hand-pack each pint, layer the mix-ins by hand, to ensure that yours is the best pint we've ever made.


And finally delivery - we deliver it straight to your door!

What is this: <00?

It's an ice cream cone emoticon, of course! You know, like a smiley face :), but two scoops on a cone <00. Its origin was a gchat session among Milkmaids during our inception. We always say that we'll know we've made it when Google turns it right side up. <00


What are my delivery options?

We offer local hand-delivery in our Manhattan and Brooklyn delivery zones. Soon, we will ship out of state! Delivery occurs during the first full week of the month during your preferred delivery window. Current delivery options include:

Monday 7-10PM
Tuesday 7-10PM
Wednesday 7-10PM
Thursday 7-10PM

Wednesday 2-6PM
Thursday 2-6PM

Dropoff-Delivery Details

This is the best option for doorman buildings and office deliveries. We'll leave the 'scream with your doorman or mailroom, or drop it by your office by 10PM (6PM for office deliveries) on either the Wednesday or Thursday (your choice) of delivery week. 

If your office or doorman has a freezer, we'll send over the box. If your office or doorman lacks a freezer, we'll package the ice cream in a bag with enough dry ice to last until midnight.


Specific Question about Dropoff-Delivery? 

Do I have to be home to receive the dropoff delivery?
Nope, that's the beauty of it. You tell us where to leave the package and we’ll do it. With your doorman, with your receptionist, in your mailroom, wherever you determine it to be safe. Please be sure someone receives the package and deposits the pints in the freezer by midnight of your delivery day.

Will it be packed with dry ice? Is dry ice dangerous?
Yes! CAUTION - DRY ICE IS DANGEROUS. Do not touch the dry ice! Always handle dry ice with care, and wear protective cloth (an oven mit or kitchen towel) whenever handling it. Leave the dry ice at room temperature in a well ventilated area. It will eventually sublimate from solid to gas - like magic. Keep away from children and pets! And do not leave the dry ice on a tiled or solid surface counter top as the extreme cold may crack it.

Hand-Delivery Details

This is the best choice for non-doorman buildings and walkups . One of our Milkmaids will hand-deliver your ice cream during the delivery window of your choosing. You (or someone) must be home to receive and deposit it directly into a freezer.

The delivery timeslots are

  • Monday, 7-10PM
  • Tuesday, 7-10PM
  • Wednesday, 7-10PM
  • Thursday, 7-10PM
  • Wednesday, 2-6PM
  • Thursday, 2-6PM


Our hand-deliveries are meant to head straight from the Milkmaid's freezer to yours, and are packaged without dry ice. We always do our best to text you 30m-1hr ahead of our arrival to ensure you're ready and waiting, spoon in hand.

Specific Questions about Hand-Delivery?

Do I have to be home to receive the hand delivery? 
Yes. Our hand-delivery option does NOT include dry ice with your package, so someone must be present to accept the delivery and deposit the pints in the freezer immediately. 

Will I receive a notification that you are on the way to deliver?  
Yes, we will always send a text 30m-1 hour when we are on our way. 

What if I happen to not be home during my delivery time?  
We always text when we are on the way to give you a heads up to avoid such a scenario. If a human being is not available to receive the delivery, the ‘scream will be returned to our kitchen and re-delivered at member’s expense. 

Can I have my neighbor or doorman accept the delivery for me? 
Yep, no problem!, Just make sure we know what number to buzz and who to text when we are on the way. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to remind them that ice cream melts (!) and it needs to be deposited in a freezer immediately.

Shipping-Delivery Details


What if I am out of town during delivery week?

If you are out of town and are unable to receive or enjoy your ice cream during our delivery week, you have the option to defer that month's delivery. You must do this on our delivery form that you receive the Monday before delivery week. We do not deliver outside of our scheduled delivery week.

What if I need to change my delivery time?

When you enroll on the membership, you are prompted to select your preferred delivery time for each month. We send a reminder of your pre-selected delivery window the week before delivery week. At that time, you may change your delivery window if need be by filling out the included form.


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